Selected Academic and Public Papers

Academic Papers (selection)

Wardrobes in Wartime, 1914 – 1918: Fashion Images from Paris, Vienna and Berlin
2015, Trento

Dior forever: 7 Decades, 6 Designers
2015, Cologne

Dead or Alive? Fashion(images) in Museums
Conference „Fashion in Museums“, 2015, Dortmund

The Newest Woman: Fashion Photography in magazines of the 1950ies
Study Day “Fashioning Feminity. Fashion, Photography and Commodity Culture”, 2014, Paris

On Dance Fashion and Fashionable Dances:
Remarks on the Berlin Dance Scene during the Weimar Republic
Symposium “Dance and Fashion”, 2014, New York

Christian Diors Fashion World: Haute Couture, Accessories and Parfum
Lecture accompanying the exhibition „Schuhwerke – Roger Vivier“, 2014, Offenbach

False Gold and Glitter: On the History of Imitation Jewellery
2013, Berlin

Attractiveness and Ambivalence of Fashion
Lecture accompanying the exhibition “Lillian Bassman, Paul Himmel”, 2013, Leipzig

Fashion and Modernity: Photography and Media of the 1920ies
lecture accompanying the exhibition "Edward Steichen, Celebrity Design", 2010 Essen

Luxury for All: Luxury Products in selected Fashion Magazines, 1780 to 1925
lecture series Luxury and Extravagance, 2008 Trier

An unexpectedly close relationship - Christian Dior and Germany
conference Unravelling Couture Culture, 2007 London

Ambassadors of Fashion - the First Fashion Photographs
conference Mode Körper Kult in Bremen, 2005 Bremen

Robe et Habit à la française. French Fashion in the 18th century
lecture series accompanying the exhibition The Poetry of a Moment, 2004 Berlin

The Damned Petticoat - Satire and Caricature in the 18th Century
lecture series accompanying the exhibition Ridicule!
Fashion in Caricature, 1600 to 1900, 2003 Berlin

Dancing Pictures - Modern Dance and Photography
lecture series accompanying the exhibition Charlotte Bara, 2001 Worpswede

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